Rabbi River

She is definitely one of the most interesting people I have ever met.  River has a true connection to God and Judaism.  For a 5 year old, this seems quite remarkable to me.  She hears the holiday stories and bible stories and, to her, they are like Aladdin or Peter Pan, or Ariel. She asks me to tell her more about Jonah, Noah, Moses.  Maybe she feels that the Jewish stuff is a connection to me, the Judaica teacher.  In a way, its true.  But in another way, I sometimes feel like a hypocrite teaching her all this stuff that I’m not sure I totally buy into.  I am finding my comfort zone with it all as I become more educated in it though.  I feel like this is one of the roles that River was sent here to participate in.  To help me find my real God connection.  Or something.

She LOVES Sunday school.  The small temple, the way she is known by the staff, being her teacher’s “helper” because we arrive early.  She is so proud of me there.  She tells all the kids, “My mom is a teacher here!”

Last night, lying in bed, River asked me how our religion is different from Lupe’s.  I tried to explain that we believe some of the same things.  But some important different things.

“Who’s right?”  she wanted to know.

“I dont think anyone needs to be right.”  I said.  “We have a belief  & let others have theirs.”  How she may have interpreted this in her 5 year old brain, I’m not sure, but she listened.  Then she demanded specifics.

“What are the differences, exactly?”

I mumbled something about God as a human form and a son…

“What?!”  River demanded. “How could they believe that?”

But given her penchant for deep thought and decisiveness I think she was really wondering again, “Who’s right?”

My little Rabbi River.

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