The Girl’s Got Skills

Morning epiphany!

You know how people (or maybe just job coaches) say that everyone has a skill?  Assuming this is true, your skill, if it brings you happiness, is what should guide your life choices.  But what if that skill seems small or silly or sort of useless?  Remember that scene in The Breakfast Club where the kids are showing each other their special trick? Remember Moly Ringwald’s with the lipstick?

Each morning my kids are greeted by our school crossing guard. Not just greeted actually, but welcomed with a big smile, a friendly voice and BY NAME.  Not just my kids mind you, but EVERY kid who crosses at this particular corner is greeted with, “Good morning ***insert your kid’s name here!***” This woman remembers the name of EVERY child, usually their siblings, sometimes their parents, and sometimes their babysitters.  To me this is nothing short of amazing. I can barely remember the names of the students in my daughter’s classroom. Forget about their parents’ names.

So, this morning it hit me.  Harder than usual.  That this woman brings joy to many children/families each day with her skill.  A skill that many people may find simple or unimportant.  She is paying it forward daily in a job that many would not ever consider to be impactful or important.

Now I feel like I have new eyes to begin looking at myself & asking, “Really truly deeply – what is my skill?”


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