Hugging The Monkey

There is a heart-grabbing photo floating around the internet.  Perhaps it has found its way into your inbox? It is a close up of a small, sad-faced monkey gently hugging a white bird.  Both animals are perfectly still as if they have been in this position for quite a while.  Though cute animal photos on the internet are abundant, this one is a heart stealer.

The caption under the picture reads:

“A tiny little macaque nestles against a peaceful pigeon on Neilingding Island, China. The macaque was born on the island, but strayed from its mother. After being taken in by work staff in the protective station, it managed to make a most unusual new friend.”

So here’s the thing. We run through our days of working, errand running, chatting, texting, cooking, facebooking, child-raising, driving, shopping, etc.  Meanwhile we gloss over the simple, obvious, and easily forgettable things that will calm our very souls.

We bypass opportunities every day in order to stay on our fast track.  A stolen moment saying goodbye to your partner as you head off to work; a beautiful clear sky with a cool breeze; you wake to find your dog snuggled warmly by your side, a long-lost friend finds you on Facebook.

We forget to see the look on our children’s faces. And the way their little fingers innocently caress our bodies. We gloss over our truest job as love giver, receiver and sharer.

These missed moments need to be reclaimed.  These are the true experiencing of love moments. The breathe-into-it moments that all at once warm and hurt your heart.

In times of personal challenge it is especially important to try to be grateful for all that is good. Hey, even a tiny-brained pigeon had a moment of clarity and knew hugging the monkey was good.

In order to feel whole, we all need to find our own opportunities to hug the monkey.

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