Mornings suck!

What can be done to improve the frustrated confusion known as weekday mornings?  It seems like the kids are in on a secret plot to make these moments as insane as possible.  And I think the husband may be in in it too – only he’s not totally clear on the rules.

I have read articles discussing all the “helpful” planning that can be done the night before to improve the quality of the mornings, but seriously – like I’m going to pack lunches and lay out clothes after doing all the nighttime crap like laundry, dishes and the inevitable staying up too late watching tivo’d shows or wasting time on the computer just because no one is pulling on me calling one of my various names. (Jenny!  Mommy!  Mama! etc)

Then there is the occasional blessed morning where I wake up with a song in my head in mommy-bliss and smoothly handle it all.  I know where Pengie-Penguin is, I make the perfect cream-cheese heart-shaped sandwich, my girls actually dress themselves, and everyone is out on time.

Is there a formula?  Is it pure coincidence?  Is it the stars aligning in a just-so pattern?  WTF is the trick to institute a moratorium on chaos, irritability and crankiness; and a mandatory decree of morning love shared with the preciousness in ones life?


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