little red ipod

While I’m rolling on the topic of music…

If there is ever a fire in my house, I may just grab my little red ipod before fleeing the flames.  Silly, I know.  But it is my true favorite thing at the moment.  Ok, its no Music Genome Project, but it is loaded with all my moody favorites and seems to play what I need to hear at most moments.  If not, it never holds it against me if I have to ff several songs in a row.  Its the perfect one-sided relationship.

My little red ipod was a bday gift from my honey, who engraved it on the back with an unsentimental,  yet love-filled quote indicating just how well he knows me.  I am not a “bouquet of roses” kind of girl, I am a “mixed bunch of wild flowers picked on the side of the road or from the neighbors yard” kind of girl.   So instead of engraving it with “love always” or “to my wife”  he knew better.  He chose, “hugging the monkey – i love you.”   Then he sat down and taught me to load it.

So, in case of fire, or even the smell of smoke, I hope no one stands in the way of me & my little red ipod.


ps. If interested, scroll down for explaination of Hugging the Monkey

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