DInner table questions for God

My 7 year old and I began keeping a list of all the big worldly questions she comes up with that stump me.  We figure that if we are ever able to have God over for dinner these questions would make up the bulk of the dinner table conversation. Some of the questions we’ve come up with are:

Do angels help You?  Why do mangos have such a big a big pit?  How did You think up all the colors?  What are some of the most important reasons why You came up with the world?  How did You make the world?  Why do some people think money is more important than children? (My personal favorite.)

My girl often has God on the brain.

Curiously, she has spent a fair percentage of  her time in a variety of synagogues, temples, and churches in her short lifetime.  It wasn’t intentional on our part, it just sort of happened and keeps happening.

She attended 3 different preschools (due to our moves) and all were in Jewish schools/synagogues.  Her favorite summer camp is housed in a local church.  Her piano recitals are held in a church chapel.  She attends weekly sunday school in a temple.  Our chosen congregation, which we try to attend as often as possible on Shabbat & holidays, meets monthly in a large church since it has no formal home of its own.

In addition, her mom (me) teaches religious school to kids and teens so conversations about religion and spirituality are fairly common in our household.  As a toddler my kid and I spent weekly lunches at a local vegetarian restaurant housed in the Hare Krishna center. Their colorful temple and customs were something special for a toddler to see!  So, you can see why this particular kid is comfortable talking about, and to God.

The question posed to me today by this 7 year old was, “Mommy, why are we keeping this list if we’ll never actually get the answers?”  At first I thought, “Hmmm, maybe thats another question to put on the list.”  But then I knew.  It came to me as if it had already been asked and answered.

“Well, sweetie, the questions are just as important as the answers.  Maybe we’ll never know the answers but its good to know the questions.”

This seemed to make sense to my girl.  Even if I’m not entirely sure of what my own answer means.  Yet, sometimes it feels like the more I hang out with this kid, the more my own questions will become clear.  I think this is a good start.


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2 Responses to DInner table questions for God

  1. Brigid says:

    I love your answer to R’s question.

  2. Justine says:

    That is one seriously deep kid. Those are great questions and I’m so glad you’re writing them down.

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