You think maybe sometimes people are just total dicks?

I’d make a terrible attorney.  Never are things black or white in my mind.  I believe that there is good with bad, right with wrong, bad with good, wrong with right…

I can almost always rationalize why people do what they do; why they are compelled to behave in ways that are incomprehensible to the people around me.  Studying psychology, spirituality, and sociology will fuck you up like that.

But lately, I’ve been trying on simplicity.  Hoping to get a feel for a simpler brainwave.  I’m wondering if  I’m giving people way too much credit.  Maybe sometimes people are just assholes. They kick the dog because they can.  Total dick.  Maybe that concept doesn’t have to disturb me.   Maybe it can just be, and I can move on.   Away from the assholes.


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