Paradigm Shift

A penguin and a duck are swimming slowly, side by side, enjoying the calm cool water.

Duck turns to penguin and says, “We’re all heading south later, you gonna come?”

“What do you mean?,” asks penguin.

“You know,” duck quips,  “South.  Flying.”

“Oh!” thinks penguin, “Sure!  Sounds like fun.  But, wait, you…fly there?”

“Of course!” snorts Duck.  “We’re birds arent we?”

“Yeah, heh-heh, we sure are,” replies penguin.  “But…”

“But what?”

Penguin pauses, then decides “fuck it – what do I have to lose?” and dives in…

“Um, well, as hard as I try – and believe me, I’ve tried!  I cant even get lift off.  I know I’m a bird.  I know birds fly.  So whats wrong with me?  Why cant I just make it happen? –  I’m a disappointing example of a bird.”  Penguin wipes his tears silently.

Duck thinks deeply for a moment. When he speaks, his voice is soft but firm.  “Well, what can you do then?”

Penguin sniffed.  “I can swim.  I can slide.  And I can dance.”

“Dance?!”  Shreiked Duck.  “Wow. I’ve always wanted to dance, but….”

“But what?”

“Um, well…” Duck began quietly, “My big web feet always get in my way.  Can you show me how Penguin?  Can you show me how to dance?”

A slow, unexpected smile began to appear on Duck’s face.

“Sure, Buddy.  Sure I can.”


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