My blogging style is typically to develop an idea and then search for a visual that can encapsulate my topic or the vibe I’m trying to create.  But today, something different happened.

I stumbled across this picture and, simply, I wanted it.  Wanted it to be my topic, my thought, my energy, my focus, my life.   Just for a moment.  Well, ok, a long moment.  I want to feel so caught up in passion and intensity that it would speak volumes in black and white.  I want my mind to be impervious to all the noise and clutter and conflicting vibrations swirling within me.  I want to want.  To want exactly what’s in front of me in this moment.  To want the taste in my mouth and the touch on my skin.  I want to hold something precious without hesitation.  And, in that moment, know that is what I want.


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One Response to Wanting

  1. Justine says:

    god, help me want what I have. i like that you wanted the picture and the path that took you on.

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