No tolerance for bullshit

I’ve been  contemplating what constitutes actual “bullshit”.  Heres what I have come up with:**

  1. Liars  (not the occasional untruth to save your ass, but actual, professional liars.)
  2. Prop 8
  3. Trying to get someone else to live the dreams you never accomplished
  4. Mother F-ing Sallie Mae and their mother F-ing student loans
  5. Extreme fundamentalism of any kind
  6. Creationism at the expense of evolution
  7. The cost of food at the airport
  8. Ever growing absence of manners
  9. De-friending on facebook unless you’re being stalked
  10. The celebration of cultural narcism
  11. Fox news
  12. Dogs vs cats
  13. Birkenstocks with socks (in public)
  14. Men who cant admit when another man is handsome
  15. Living by the word of Dr. Laura
  16. Quoting Dr. Phil
  17. Budget cuts in education
  18. “Just say no”
  19. The cost of parking tickets
  20. A-hole drivers who almost cause an accident and then flip you off.

This list is by no means complete.  Please feel free to let me know any extreme bullshit I may have excluded.


** Disclaimer:  By creating this list, I am in in no way implying that I  have been, or am, above any of the bullshit offenses.

*** I am jazzed to report that my loving husband helped to shape and form this list into something readable when it began as a bullshit rant.   ❤

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3 Responses to No tolerance for bullshit

  1. Aunt Becky says:

    Fox News is SUCH bullshit!

  2. Justine says:

    This is so funny. Except for all the stuff that is just sad. And it’s all true.

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