Sweet and Sour Lemonade

This article found it’s way to me today: 7 Terrible Breakups I’m Thankful For.  Here’s an excerpt:

Breakups suck….They can … be maddening, depressing and straight up rude. Still, all in all, practically every breakup has made me thankful, too—either that I’m no longer with that person or that I’ve learned something valuable…

At first glance, I had no interest in reading this article.  But then I wondered if the author’s experiences would be:

  1. a complete fabrication
  2. sad stories told with a humorous delivery, or
  3. true insights shared for the personal growth of  less enlightened broken-hearted souls.

What I found was an an interesting mix of what very well may be all of the above.  But, in the end, a thought provoking read.  So I figured what the hell, I’ll give it a shot.  Here’s my question:

Can I take the lemons handed to me in painful past relationships and turn them into… lemonade popsicles that I can nail to a wall by their sticks and watch desinigrate, drip by drip, on a hot summer day?

No, wait, wrong question.

Can I recognize the positive, life-enhancing effects of the painful relationships I have encountered?

Better.  Ok, here goes: (in no particular order).

Thank you…

  • to my original BFF;  the person who initiated me into that particular brand of heartbreak inflicted by people I  chose to give my heart to despite all odds (and warnings).  I loved you before we ever knew true romance or pubic hair.  Then you dumped me for cheerleaders.  Thank you for teaching me that I can continue to live by my heart even though others may not be able to.
  • to the guy who wanted to love me but preferred Asian women.  Thank you for teaching me that attraction and desire is way out of our control.
  • to the man who needed to get away from me for fear I’d lead him to relapse.  Thank you for showing me the importance of knowing when to say when.
  • to the one who tortured me with passion.  Thank you for helping me find my mojo and my muse.
  • to the guy who stalked me and longed for the twisted romance of a murder-suicide.  Um, I’ll get back to you.
  • To the one who followed me to San Francisco only to wind up owning its underground.  Thank you for showing me that having a life-long friend is not only possible when the dust settles, it is the best of all outcomes.
  • Ok, now back to crazy stalker guy.  Thank you for teaching me that sometimes I invite crazy in, and that I am strong enough to overcome fear.

I’d be a fool to forget the best part of all this reframing heartache and meloncholy reminicing….

Now that I have found my calling as a writer, you are all fodder for my fiction.  And for this, I am forever grateful.


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