Whats missing?

“Every day, your life is a jigsaw puzzle, ”  I told my 4th grade students.  “Every day is a different experience.  Think about this morning.  When you woke up was your picture complete or were there missing pieces?

“Now, close your eyes and imagine your puzzle.  Are there pieces missing?  A lot – or just a few?  Which parts of the picture are lacking?  What will the picture look like when it is complete?  How will it look different tomorrow?”

“Now, with your eyes still closed, locate your missing pieces for today.  Where are they?  Who might be holding on to them for you, keeping them safe?  What do you have to do to find them and put them into place?”

“Imagine yourself finding those pieces, and putting them exactly where they belong.  Visualize the complete puzzle.  Feel what that’s like.”

“Now open your eyes and restart your day.”


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2 Responses to Whats missing?

  1. jennbenn18 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this Kendra. You have a great point. What we think is often not what actually is.
    Acting as a mirror is a big piece of how we touch one another’s lives.

  2. I thought my missing puzzle piece was this one thing and have been focusing on it for weeks, but then my life coach had a couple conversations with me and helped me realize my missing piece was something entirely different! I’ve shifted focus and it’s made a huge difference. WOW.

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