Dilate me

When checking our eyes, optometrists tell us that to get a true understanding of our optical health they need to dilate our pupils.  A bright light allows them to check the general health of the eye. But, light causes the pupil to contract.  The optometrist wants to dilate your pupils to see what is hidden.

Dilation opens us up.  But we never want to do it.  We want only to see what is visible in the light.  We hope that what happens in the darkness stays in the darkness.  Yet, the darkness holds equal truth; sometimes more.  Its the stuff in the darkness that can blind us.

In order to know, to really know what we are made of,  we need to dilate.  Open ourselves up.  And trust that we can feel our way through the darkness.

Today, I am putting on my blindfold in order to see.


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