I can’t believe you have a penis

My friend’s 4 year old just realized that her Daddy has a penis.  Man, was she pissed.  She walked right up to him and demanded, “Daddy!  Why didnt you ever tell me that you have a penis?  Huh?  I want to see it!”

A private man by nature, her Daddy was taken a bit off guard, but luckily knew enough to talk his way out of it.   But this little girl is not easily deterred.

Later that week, as this super-sleuth eyed her daddy walking into the bathroom.  She creeped quietly, threw open the door suddenly, and stared with eyes wide open.  “Wow!”  Then she ran off yelling, “I saw it!  I saw the penis! ”  Laughing with glee.

My friend, the mommy in this scenario, shook her head and sighed.  “If he would have only bathed with her when she was little, like other daddies do with their children,  our little girl wouldn’t be penis obsessed now.”

So is this how it happens?  What we are denied, we naturally want?  Or do we just have certain things that we are focused on whether or not we have access to them?

I know for me, if I am told “you can’t”  my brain immediately says, “watch me.”  I see this trait in my own 4 year old as well.  That little smirk she gets on her face as she watches me watch her do exactly what I just told her not to.  You’d think this would frustrate me.  But actually, I admire her chutzpah.

A big part of me is cheering these bold little girls on.  Telling them, “Question Authority!  Listen to your inner voice!  You go girl!”  But, I’d like to also add,  “Hold off on that penis quest, girls.  At this point it’s only gonna make you wish you could pee standing up.”


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