Freud Can Bite Me

I know that “sometimes a cigar is just a cigar” but shit, why does a cigar have to be,  you know, so awesome?

I think Freud said this, in part, to down play his addiction.  He had cancer of the throat at the time of his death — which was actually a result of a morphine overdose administered by his doctor.  (Sometimes a syringe is NOT just a syringe?)

I think he also said it because he had some pretty significant skeletons in his own closet that he wanted to believe were simply Halloween decorations.  Still, it’s not for us to judge.  Anyway, rumor has it that Freud may not have actually been the first to say this.

The truth remains that a cigar is never just a cigar and Halloween isn’t about decorations.  And you and I should just suck it up and recognize that we like cigars because they are not just cigars, but instead, are amazing tools of destruction that incorporate fire, deep breathing, and  all of our 5 senses.  Mmmmm.  Yeah, Freud can just go ahead and bite me.


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