Negative Creep

There are moments in life when you suddenly get it.  It hits you like a fucking suckerpunch to the head. This is the moment you need to decide:  

Will I take this mangled face of mine and use it like a stepping stone to climb the cliff that will let me dive into the ocean below?  

Or will I continue to be the asshole who gets punched in the head?  My choice.  

with love,  jrb

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One Response to Negative Creep

  1. Justine says:

    It can be hard to *know* when it feels like more than you can handle/do/accept. But, I think I still like it better than not knowing what the hell to do. I still pray for divine guidance but sometimes I cringe a little when I do.

    Have you had some epiphany or was this inspired by the song you posted?

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