Life has its way with us.

Wise people admit to knowing very little.  

I am well aware that I can’t claim  to be a wise woman.  But I am confident that I’ve learned enough to know that I know very little.  Each time I think I have found some clarity life has its way with me and slowly peels away my shield of certainty.  Like that fucking onion.  With all its layers.  Each deeper and more tearful, yet more delicious, than the one before.

Still, here is what I think I know:

*  – Its the little things in life that add up to us going postal.   But, the little things stand on the backs of all that came before them; like Yertle the Turtle trying to be king of  “all I see”.  And, if left unchecked, little things grow – exponentially.  So, as I see it, we need to keep knocking out those stepping stones like golf balls at a driving range.  Knock the shit out of them, and then watch them fly;  gratefully knowing there is another bucket of balls ready & waiting for you.

*- People freak out.  People freak out on us.  And when they do, our first response (after “WTF?” of course) is typically to assume the freak-out is directly related to us.  In this situation, the hardest possible response is the best one.  Step back, breathe, remember that emotional intensity comes from the deepest place.  Chances are, you probably weren’t in the picture when this particular emotional seed grew like a fungus inside this person.  His shit is his shit.  Dont let him fling it at you like chimps in a cage.

* – Life has its way with us.  If you try to control it you will feel like that broken-hearted kid playing the claw machine like a professional crane operator, believing  each drop of the prize is a personal defeat.  

* – Beauty exists.  Everywhere.  In every thing.  It’s up to us to locate it.

With love,  jrb

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