Yeah, but she’s alright with me

Observing yourself, your true self, is near impossible.  It’s  painful to recognize your own twists and turns and stumbles and misconceived perceptions.  Exploring “Who Am I?” is not for the faint of heart.

Some people want no part of inner-exploration, understandably.  But some of us think we want this information.  “Know Thyself, ” said  Socrates.  It’s a simple concept, but a convoluted and sometimes tortuous journey.  So, we ask others to describe,
deliberate,   diagnose and define us.  But this is not the answer we seek.  It’s just someone’s perception of us.  The conundrum is unavoidable.  How to discover oneself?

Silly humans that we are,  we lead ourselves into dead-ends in order to escape what we are afraid to seek.  So, while we are hoping for revelation, maybe we ought to give ourselves a break.  Look into the mirror and say,  “Yeah, but she’s alright with me,”  and move on.  From “Who am I?”  to  “Who do I want to be?”  In doing so we may just discover that the self we have been craving has been patiently waiting to be found. 

  • I want to be a woman who will learn to swim even though sharks exist.  
  • I want to choose courage over fear.   
  • I want to be honestly kind or intolerant, as needed.  
  • I want to be passionate in my loving and resolute in my passions.
  • I want to be ferociously protective of my chicks as I teach them to fly from my arms. 
  • I want the light that sparkles and buzzes within me to absorb and radiate.  

with love, jrb 

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