Back once again is the incredible, rhyme animal…

One thing thats great about reconnecting with old friends (thank you The Facebook) is hearing stories about shared moments which you dont even remember.  Its nice to have people in your life who remind you of stuff like, “Yeah, you made out with him.”

Over thai lunch the other day, my friend of 23 years (omfg)  handed me a cd with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face.  “What?” I demanded.  He told me it was a copy of a cassette tape I had made for him when I was 19.  This wasnt one of the many  awesome (if I do say so myself)  mix-tapes I had made for him during our youth, like I had assumed.  “Just listen to it,” he instructed.  So on my drive home I did.  It was 45 minutes of DJ Jenny  talking & chatting with random bits of music spliced in between. It was recorded over the course of a few weeks.  I have zero recollection of making this tape.  But there it is, 19 year old me talking to an old friend over 2 decades ago.

Mind blowing moment.

And the best part is – I liked her.  That 19 year old, feisty, silly, lonely, sarcastic, friendly, hopeful, loving, smart-ass kid.  I liked hearing her share her heart while holding her ground.  It made me look back differently than I had before.  It made me want to hug her,  look into her eyes, and tell her she is awesome, even though she never would have believed me.  And, this may not make sense, but hearing her voice – my voice,  gave me hope for the future that is now.

So, in the spirit of that era here is a moment in music history that inspired me in many ways.  Yeah Boy!

with head banging love,  jrb

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2 Responses to Back once again is the incredible, rhyme animal…

  1. jennbenn18 says:

    That is an excellent idea! Thanks Sibb.

  2. Stuart says:

    So where ARE those awesome mix tapes? Ever think of making one – though perhaps it would be an iMix download now – with the songs that inspire/theme your blog. I bet that would be pretty awesome too.

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