Mr. Brightside

Coincidences dont exist.  Or at least, they dont have to, especially when it comes to relationships.  We often hear people talk about their romances as meant to be, or soul mates.  Yet, I am sure that all people who come together are there with purposeful meaning.  This is especially true when someone sparks a flame inside you that is impossible to ignore.  It doesn’t matter if the flame is flickering on the wick of a scented candle or if it’s climbing up the fuse towards an explosion.

She pisses you off?  Can’t get him off your mind?  Stalking online?  Sure its fucked up but these are ALL good signs that this union is blessed with an intense specific purpose.  Its hard to stomach in the moment.  To think that the person you can least control has something amazing to offer you.  Yet, here is your chance to climb the fence that has imprisoned you, probably for years.  This person is unknowingly offering you a boost, up and over.

In these relationships there are two possibilities…

You will fight against the painful emotional workout that is personal growth.  You will stay waaaaay too long sweating in the heat of the flame hoping that this person will stop igniting your pain and will treat you exactly as you want.  (they wont – and you know it)

Or,  you will recognize the purpose in your pain.  You will hear it speak to you.  And you will decide to use the sparks this blessed (and equally as fucked-up) person brought into your life to shed light on your shadows.  

with love, jrb

No regrets.  Press play.  

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