Blue skies from pain

Oh, you must press play: 

Some things never get old.  But they do transform.  Like the shapeshifting potency and meaning in song lyrics through the years.  Poetic honesty never ages.

So when this song found its way to me today, i was flooded.  By the past- all my transient pasts that have curled up into my one little life.  By the way the song so acutely touches my current life.  And the way in which millions of other people with their own intricately coiled little lives feel the same.

I once held this song in my heart as a sad cry, and later as deeply romantic.  Now it holds me.  Like a soft embrace from an old friend who has walked with you through all the joy, the insanity, the pain, the laughter, and miles over the years.  – And somehow, still loves you.

with gratitude, jrb

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