Check yourself.

Amazing remix of a very cool song:

There are so many things in our world to be angry about these days.  Some people become paralyzed and depressed by it.  Others write letters to our government.  Some people cope through humor (Bless you Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.)  Some people post their rage on facebook or twitter.  Some people march and shout.  It’s all good.  It’s all necessary.  Express yourself, people.

Yet, before we send out our pissed-off energy into the world.  And before we go judging other people’s perspectives or lifestyles…. Check yourself. 

Hypocrisy dulls impact.  Sharpen your knives by watching your words.  I’m not saying that we should all change into politically correct zombies.  Let your freak flag fly, cat.  Just do not judge your neighbor’s  landscape when you need to explore your own back yard.  

If we can check ourselves before we check each other – then we can hear each other clearly.  Only then, is real change possible.

meow,  jrb

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