Eat. Pray. Rock.

Humor+deliciousness+musicianship = PRESS PLAY

Imagine this: We all stand in a giant circle and throw our problems into a big pile in the middle.  We are then told to reach into the pile and take ownership of any problems of our choosing.

It was suggested to me that most people would take back our own.  Perhaps this indicates a higher wisdom in human nature than we are giving it credit for these days.

Despite all their differences, many spiritual faiths agree on this: the challenges provided to us in this lifetime are specifically designed for individual growth.  Meaning, the personal crises you struggle through are the challenges you need to overcome; so you can become your best self.  In a positive sense, it’s like sacred shit gifted to you on your grandmother’s best china, tastefully displayed on a silver tray with matching teacup.  (Its that special.)

Yet, when you feel like you are barely treading water, its really hard to see that teacup as half full.  This is where traditions of faith diverge.   It seems clear to me that there are many philosophical and actual paths available to us so each of us can find our own way home.  

I have a strong spiritual core and a rounded Jewish essence that help me find direction.  But, it is music and connection that reminds me to stop struggling when I find myself in deep water.   And it is only when I am safely above water that I can begin to appreciate the teacup floating next to me.  

Long live rock & roll.  With love, jrb

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