Making Pies

Sad soul sweetness.  PRESS PLAY:

There are these little things in life that almost seem pointless to bring up in conversation.  Yet if we take a wide-shot of our lives, its the little things that will fill up the frame.  It makes me wonder if,  just maybe, its the little things that are actually most important?  

We spend our days rushing through the “stuff” so we can get to the “thing” we want to do.  Little kids are great at making this point.  They slow us down with their constant curiosity and fascination with the every-day things.

“Mama!  Look at that!”   

Yes, Sweetie, it’s a car painted different colors.”  

“Wait, Mama!  Wooooow. Look at it!  It’s a rainbow car!  Can I drive it?  Why cant we have a rainbow car?”  

Meanwhile, we are miles ahead in our minds thinking about: where we have to be, that we are already running late, the tasks we need to accomplish by the end of the day, remembering that there is no food in the fridge for dinner, and wondering if that cough means the kid is getting sick.  

It’s a slippery slope to ride every day.    

So, just for today, I am going to try to see the importance in the little.  I’m going to try to meditate into the “stuff”.  The bending and stretching to put toys away.  The bubbles on the dishes I am washing.  The glory on my four year old’s face when she says, “Mama!  I did it myself!”  The way the cheese melts into the macaroni.  My husband’s hand on my shoulder.  The words on the page. The tone in my voice.  The quality of my touch.  The breath in my center.  The love in my heart.  

Just For Today.

with (hope for) lightness,  jrb

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