We dont stop

No matter if it’s political, personal, upbeat, sexy, heavy, beautiful – whatever – Michael Franti’s songs bring tears to my eyes.   Yes he’s talented, yes he’s hot, yes he’s intelligent, Yes!  But the real reason he moves me is  because he is pure inspiration – and he don’t stop.  This is a person on a divine path.  Close your eyes and hear it.  Feel it.  It comes across in every song.  And yes, he’s got personal shit to deal with.  Who doesnt?  But he brings what he’s got.  Brings it home, into the heart.  Blessed inspiration.  I’m so fucken tired of people’s gifts being downsized because of their humanness.  

“You can not fully understand life until you have stumbled in it.”  

If I can find my way to connect with spirit in this depth, and bring it to the world in any sense, I will feel like I am doing my part.

~with love, jrb

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