Teaching kids the F word

Driving in the car this morning with my daughters…

4y.o. – “Mama!  Put on that song – I’m driving round town…”  

So I do (the clean version).  The kids start dancing and singing along.  (As does Mama.)

8 y.o. –  “This song is weird.  The singing is weird”

4 y.o. – “Why? Because he’s whining?”

8 y.o. –  “Yeah.”

4 y.o. – “Well, he’s whining because some people hurt his feelings.”  

Me:   “That’s right!  And now he’s telling them, ‘I wont let you hurt my feelings anymore! – Forget you!’

8 y.o. –  Big smile.  “Oh!  Turn it up, Mommy.”  

 So I do and I sing along, grooving with my girls.

4 y.o. – “Mommy, Stop dancing.  You have to drive.”

Me – “Oh, right.  Thanks Sweetie.”

~ With gratitude to my co-teacher Cee-Lo for an important, sudden learning moment,  jrb

Now, here’s the most amazing adult version for your viewing pleasure: 

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