Happiness hits like a bullet in the back

 Each of us has a huge lawn.  Yes, thats right. HUGE.  And every one of these grassy knolls has two distinct sides.  The first, mostly seen by others, is awesome.  Lush and green.  Perfect for long summer days of lounging around, sipping lemonade, rolling down hills and chewing on the fat blades of grass.

And each of our lawns has that other side.  The one where we spend most of our time. Dry, brown weeds filled with little sticky prickly things that stick to your socks.  Not so far off in the distance there is a broken down old truck and other discarded junkyard shit that no one will ever repair, despite the best of intentions.  Perfect for rodent nests and fire setting.

Its becoming clear to me that happiness hits us “like a bullet in the back”.  Sometimes we need someone to point, aim and shoot.  So I’ve made a pact with some of my closest friends.  We will water each other’s lawns when possible. We will remind each other to turn around, step over the discarded broken rusting crap on the dark side and take a look at the abundant beauty that awaits us.  And when we decide to take the big leap over our pile of hoarded garbage, we will document each other’s flight into lushness.

Join us?

Moooooo.  with love, jrb

PLEASE PRESS PLAY, my friend. 

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