Shut the Fk Up

Press play:

“Good talk is part of seduction.  If not so, why do so many couples who start the evening at dinner wind up in bed?” ~Stephen King

Note to self:
Words can be dirt cheap, and they can be costly.  Words can sting with disrespect, and they can inspire healing.  

Which kind of words are you streaming?  Are they intended to fill a void or pierce skin?  Perhaps a bit of both.  

Please, STOP TALKING.  Just shut the fuck up.  And…


Listen. To what should never have been said.  Listen.  To the wisdom that is already there.  Ingest these ideas.  Your true, deepest, most life-affirming and terrifyingly possible thoughts.  

Instead of positioning yourself between words and commas, cushion yourself with knowing, and dialogue.

שנה טובה  ~ jrb


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