Getting Better or Getting Over?


“Well I cant say I’ll tell you anyway.  
I’m a liar and a theif.  Bound by pride and grief.

Tell me, which one will you take, gettin’ better or gettin’ over?”*

Cuz me, I cant decide
how to dare to jump that ride.

And when the junkies all come around
and try to wrap me down
Its you who turned me, clown.

And I can see the blinding lights ahead
From green, to yellow, but stop at red

I hear liquid heartbeats within my shell
Still you look at me like I’m your cell
And your softness….well….

Travelers.  Thieves.  And rock climbers.
Lookin for the thrill
Winding clocks and music box
And we keep looking, still.

~with love, jrb

*Thank you, Shawn Amos

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