love and compliance


Welcome to the Freakshow, here we go…
That’s how we see it, right?  Other people’s craziness = Our Freakshow.
But it also = their normal.  

So you look at me, and I look at you and we point and stare in condescending awe; or is it actually fear we are projecting?  We like to promote letting our freak flags fly.  But Gd help us if they fly too high.

Life in the circus ain’t easy…

When you’re a kid and you visit a new friend’s house for the first time its a revelation.  “Not everyone lives like I do!”  What a fucking eye-opener.  They eat different food, their stuff is different from mine, they treat each other differently, they have different rules… You walk away contemplating life in your own house.  

I remember observing aspects of some friend’s home lives that I craved and wished for.  Some moms actually dialogued with us kids about french kissing, smoking and such topics of great importance.  At other houses, I felt unsafe and cried to go home.

There’s a lot of love and compliance.

My house also served for many of my friends as a place to go to fill in some of the gaps in their own home lives.  We talked politics at the dinner table,  we always had dogs, we had Lucky Charms in the pantry.

We can make something bigger then anyone of us alone
Perhaps this continues to be true well into adulthood. 

But life on the outside ain’t easy…
It’s about freedom.
It’s about faking
There’s an art to the laughter
There’s a science 

We all have our cloak of normalcy that protects our colorful inner selves from the light.  I am convinced that the real normal we all should strive for is a yin yang synthesis of love and compliance.  Love of self and subsequently, of others, as we truly are – part vanilla and part rainbow sprinkles.  Perhaps we all need to simply dust off and try on that coat of many colors, that waits eagerly inside our closet, begging for it’s turn in the sunshine.  The funny thing is, we all have that same coat.

~with rainbow sprinkled love, jrb

(Ani DiFranco-)

life in the circus ain’t easy
but the folks on the outside don’t know
the tent goes up and the tent comes down
and all that they see is the show
and the ladies on the horses look so pretty
and the lions are lookin real mad
and some of the clowns are happy
and some of the clowns are sad

but underneath
there’s another expression
that the makeup isn’t making
life under the big top
it’s about freedom
it’s about faking
there’s an art to the laughter
there’s a science
and there’s a lot of love
and compliance

welcome to the freakshow
here we go…

we live to hear the slack-jawed gasping
we live under a halo of held breath
and when the children raise up a giant shield
of laughter, it’s like they’re fending off death
and we can make somethig bigger
then anyone of us alone
and then the clowns will take off their makeup
and the people will go home

but life on the outside ain’t easy
no sequins, no elephants,
no parading around
yeah, the tent goes up
and the tent comes down
and they’re stuck in this fucking town

you need a lot of love and compliance

welcome to the freakshow
here we go

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