This Song is Bullshit


There are three kinds of Goodbyes.

1) The kind you don’t want to happen.
2) The kind you are glad to have happen.
3) The kind you don’t even know are happening.

Doing it is not it.  Goodbye is not in the happening.  It’s not the breath brushing past your lips as you say the words.  Or the buzzing that lingers in the last place they touched you.  

Lightning flashes across the sky
Like a thief in the night
See the world by candlelight

Goodbye is the way your heart can feel the look in their eyes.
It’s how you see it when its gone.  That shit hangs on.  

Push the button and pull the plug…  
Get on the bus Gus….
Don’t come around here no more…

Pop music revels in melancholy.  Don’t believe her disingenuous attempts at convincing you its easy.  It takes a second to say good bye, then the goodbye begins.


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