Listen to the Wind


Dainty girl talking dirty.  
And every bit of her is true.

There is freedom in being a woman in her 40’s.
Holding up the world for the people who count on me to do so.
I am unafraid.
I have held life inside me.  And let it go.
I have known fear intimately enough to know
it can not own me.
I can embrace life.  I know what is meaningful.
And I know what lies are made of.

The wind blows through us.  
It’s grace goes undetected by simple-minded  observers who believe black and white can not mix into gray.
The grown up children who want to believe that they actually are the person who is reflected back from the eyes of strangers.

Ocean winds blow through my hair and whisper secrets about life,
and love,
and colorful shades of gray.  
The words are hard to make out.  But I can hear her clearly.  
We each have a wind of our soul.

~ with love, jrb

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