Diving Deep


“The boundary to what we can accept is the boundary to our freedom.”
~ Tara Brach

What does it take for a person to dive into their center?  To really block out all the white noise voices we carry around inside our ears and enter our core?  The part of us that speaks the real truth about our desires, our passions, and all the things we are afraid we may miss out on in this world unless we dive deep.  Really deep.   How many of us can say that we have volunteered for this journey?  

My bet is that most of us think we know ourselves.  And we do to a certain extent.  We may know what we like.  We may know what we think we have to do or be in life.  But, I find myself now wondering, am I really content with floating on the relatively calm surface of my own deep ocean?

I was asked today if I have really ever dived into the center of my self.  Do I know what the quiet ache in my gut is asking for?  As someone who admires and strives for self-exploration I had to pause.  I got chills.  I suddenly felt nervous. Why is this a frightening prospect?  What would I gain in this journey?  What could I lose along the way?

The truth is an amorphous concept.  One that shape shifts and alters itself within our ever-changing realities.  People cry out for the truth when they think they are being lied to.  Sometimes we crave the lies.  “The truth will set you free,” we  believe.  But freedom can be a dominating force.  After leading the Israelite slaves to freedom, Moses took a lot of heat for what freedom brought.  Emancipation held no certainty, or security, or promise.  It required risk, faith,  lots of courage – and an appreciation for the lack of all they wanted.  

The majority of people, when pushed to the edge, reach for stability – even if we bitch and moan about it’s entanglements.  We all crave it.  Freedom, with all its glory, is not stable.  

To dive into our center, and risk finding the colorful whirlpool of authenticity within, is anything but safe.  Yet, I have to believe it is freedom. The journey does not demand fearlessness.  It requires us to be courageous.   So the questions sit boldly in view, What do I need – Who do I need to be – to risk being free?  And, am I willing to take that risk?


Press Play, brave soul…  

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