magic is not illusion


You will be amazed at how things fall magically
into place once you let go of the illusion of control. 

This I believe.
 I’ve seen it’s truth in action.
We make decisions based on “certainties”
only to eventually witness the stone shed, and then disintegrate into sand
dripping through the hourglass we call life.

I am struggling with how choice fits into the equation.
The ways in which we make choices of action and how those choices
create ripples in the surrounding waters.
Flowing out into the world.
But this is not control.  

Sometimes we are accused of losing control
or needing control.
Perhaps those judgmental assumptions are based on a false narrative
that control exists.

So what about magic?  
How can we accept magic but easily dismiss illusion?  
For me it’s simple.
I can hold on to what I do not know.  
But not what I know is not. 

‘Magically falling into place’ suggests potentially perfect possibilities
While control, an act of fearful human illusion,
is the stone trying to float
in the water’s ripples.


~with love, jrb


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